How SCORE helped. 

The Beginning: is a financial education company working with schools, libraries, and businesses to produce financial education workshops based on the needs of our clients. started out as an idea with myself and my former partner. We were seeking a way to combine our skillsets which included graphic illustration (my partner), and financial education (myself). Boodle was incorporated in 2011 and our initial growth was organic and strictly through word of mouth. I’m Ron Milner the sole owner/entrepreneur of

The Challenge: is a hybrid home-based business. We always visit our client’s places of business or we meet clients in libraries, coffee shops, or sometimes virtually. We are currently local, but our eyes are on reaching out nationally through virtual learning.

The challenge for in the future is to establish relationships with public education personnel, small business owners, and individuals, and share our 11-year history of financial education, giving them the tools to understand how equity markets work, and how to make these markets work for them!

The Process:

I have been a “SCORE client” for at least 9 years. SCORE Fox Valley mentors Fran Zollers & Harry Eng introduced me to other business professionals in a roundtable format, so I got to hear the challenges they face and how they overcome them. I have attended SCORE meetings that addressed topics like “what is your business structure”, “how to prospect for clients” and “why you need a CPA” and have been introduced to how to use library resources to find prospects, how to stay focused and motivated and many other subjects.

The Success:

The challenges for have not totally vanished, but I do have great confidence that this year, 2021, will most likely be our best since we launched back in 2011. We are coming out of the pandemic which was incredibly challenging. For the first time in a year, I have had my first face-to-face prospect meeting with a small business owner who is now a client. Many public schools and libraries are re-opening to the public. People often tell me that after a year they still remember me, and they had not forgotten my message and the service that provides. My goal is to make 2021 Boodle’s break-out year!

Key Topics