You've Been Hacked. Why Don't You Know Anything About It? February 11, 2015
West Chicago Public Library
West Chicago Public Library
118 West Washington Street
West Chicago, IL, 60185

Are hackers in your systems? Would you know? Can you stop it? Learn the 1 thing that ensures you have your data when all else fails.

Have hackers already gotten into your computers? Would you know it if they have? Is an employee planning on stealing your data? What can you do to stop this? Are computer viruses really that big a deal? Learn how to keep hackers out of your data and make sure you they don’t keep you out. We'll cover security for your network, systems, mobile devices, as well as the things viruses do and how to defend against them. Learn some surprising aspects of computer security and the one thing that ensures you have your data even when all else fails!


Grant Hoover founded Symphony Systems over 25 years ago to provide objective consulting and exceptional technical services to small businesses and independent professionals. Grant decided his company would not sell equipment so he could be free to point his clients to the right tool for the job. Grant professes a radical philosophy: Machines should work for people, not the other way around. He wants information technology to meet the needs of users and the business, not place demands on them. Grant’s love for computers is a long-term affair. He started programming computers when he was 12 years old. He was a hacker before that was a bad word. After all these years, he still loves what he does.

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