5-24-21 SCORE Fox Valley Roundtable - Female Minority Owned Businesses May 24, 2021, 12:00pm CDT May 24, 2021, 1:00pm CDT
ZOOM Meeting/ Join Via Zoom Invite

At times, running a business can feel like an obstacle course. At this Roundtable we will discuss ways to maneuver through trying times and win. As we engage in exercises that build stamina and endurance, we will explore ways to pivot and persevere when we hit roadblocks in business. Our speaker for this Roundtable is SCORE Fox Valley Member Valante Grant. Valante is the founder of THE BY DESIGN NETWORK. She has built a network that encompasses media, audio/video production, graphic design, and training. Valante has over 25 years of Graphic Design experience. She has worked on projects for McDonalds, BP Amoco, and Unilever. As a Creative Strategist, she merges a background in graphic design with digital technology help people creatively deliver key messages with precision and authenticity. Currently Valante also hosts a weekly Sunday School Class ( The Sanctuary Academy on her YouTube Channel.