3-2-21 SCORE Fox Valley Roundtable In Conjunction With The Downers Grove Public March 2, 2021, 7:00pm CST March 2, 2021, 9:00pm CST
ZOOM Meeting/ Attend Via Zoom Invite
ZOOM Meeting/ Attend Via Zoom Invite
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Join your peers in a lively discussion on Simon Sinek's "The Golden Circle". Learn from Simon the importance of understanding and communicating the "WHY" of your business.
NOTE: Prior to participating in the Roundtable please try to view Simon's 5-minute Golden Circle video and reflect upon it relative to your business current or future business. You can view it at:
Share your feelings on the importance of the "WHY"
Learn how to effectively position the "WHY" in your business?
How does the "WHY"differ from my "Value Proposition"
How do I intertwine the "WHY" with my business "Brand Messaging"?
Learn how to capture new customer by including your "WHY" message in your marketing campaigns.
SCORE Fox Valley Members Steve Seko & Klaus Rummer will be facilitating this Business Roundtable